Ark Doggy Resort

After over a decade working in animal welfare, it seems fitting for us to evolve into a dog boarding resort after the closure of the shelter during Covid in 2020. Contact Tracy to book: 0823347596

Our resort is situated at Ark Walk Park, 17 Howard Ave, Chartwell, Fourways on a 23 acre plot. We have 3 extra large kennels for medium/large size dogs and a separate 9 kennels for medium size dogs as well as 6 kennels for small breed dogs in a totally separate section called the Ark Beach Resort.

We have 5 separate play areas where our dogs can play and relax with other dogs they are comfortable with. They are supervised around the clock as our team all live on the property and Tracy has direct access to the kennel area from her home, in fact she lives in Kennel 3. Our resort is best suited for socialised dogs who love mixing with their peers during the day.

Music is piped through the kennels which soothes the dogs, continual interaction with humans and dogs throughout the day, swimming ponds to keep cool, misters in each kennel, trees for shade and lots of interactive activities and toys. Our kennels are large with cute, comfortable houses for resting and sleeping.


Our Ark team has 12 years of experience with our canines which comes from caring for 1000’s of rescue dogs through the years. When Ark Animal Centre closed down during the Corona pandemic a lot of people were devastated and a decision was made together with Woodrock Animal Rescue to start the walk park where we could still be involved with welfare, but not on the front lines anymore.

We take the physical and emotional happiness of all dogs in our care very seriously. All dogs have different emotional needs and we aim to cater to each one individually. We are able to care for dogs with disabilities or special medical needs.

We thank you for trusting us with taking care of the wellbeing of your fur children.

While you are holidaying be assured your pups will be having the time of their lives too.

Our aim is to make sure your dog has a better holiday than you do.

To book please use the link below, and to see some images and resort life follow us:

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