Dog giving a high five

Enclosed Areas

Our totally enclosed areas have been created as a safe space for those anxious, anti-social dogs (or owners) that prefer their own private area to let loose and run free without the stress of other animals interfering, and for your dog to enjoy the gift of freedom and exploration.

The area's are most commonly used for dog training, unsociable dogs and dogs with recall problems related to disabilities (deaf, blind etc)....or just because they don't have ears. :)

We have 2 spaces available to book for R50 for 30 minutes. You are welcome to block book multiple slots and do a single payment for all. 

Enclosure Area 1 is located as you drive into the park on the left hand side. It is a rectangular shape, with beautiful pine trees and offers more agility activities and shaded areas. This enclosure is ideal for powerbreeds as there are activities suited to them.

Enclosed Area 2 is located further into the park. It is a large square area with a lovely splash pool and a shaded seating area for the fur parents. 

Follow the enclosure signs, Drive into the enclosure, close gates behind you and enjoy.

Each area has a water bowl and water provided, as well as a large gate for cars to drive into the area and close behind them before letting their dogs out. 

R50 per 30 min booking.

Bookings are only secured once payment has been made. Credit card payments only.

To book an area please click the button below.